A way to bypass the lock screen of Android smartphones

One security guard accidentally discovered a way to bypass the lock screen of Android smartphones. In versions 10 to 13, when the SIM card is locked after entering the PIN incorrectly and unlocking it with a PUK code, the phones skip the lock and immediately give out the main screen. That is, an attacker can simply insert his SIM card and unlock the phone in a couple of minutes. The video is here (https://youtu.be/dSgSnYPgzT0 ).

The bug is caused by a conflict in the dismiss function, which leads to the skipping of the lock screens after entering the PUK code. It has been hanging in Google’s BB program since June and is being corrected by the November patch; So proud owners of Android, as well as overly curious spouses, thieves in the subway and other uninvited fans of getting into the phone, should definitely roll an update before the bug goes to the people.

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