Advanced clipper-as-a-service for crypto addresses.

On the vastness of the network surfaced (https://blog.cyble.com/2022/11/02/new-laplas-clipper-distributed-by-smokeloader /) advanced clipper-as-a-service for crypto addresses. Instead of a simple substitution of a wallet, it generates one similar to that of the victim. Judging by the tests, the first and last few characters are the same in them. How the novelty does this is unclear.

Perhaps a pre-generated huge array of addresses. In addition, the clipper has a web panel with statistics, notifications and pulled wallets. Bitcoin, ether, monero – a couple dozen cryptocurrencies. They distribute the miracle clipper through Raccoon Stealer 2.0 and Smoke Loader, so the brat went to the people. That’s just how you get used to checking crypto addresses for substitution, and here it is. At least memorize them now.

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