Criminal-administrative …

Criminal-administrative … Let’s study the classic trouble of any security service — how to get data on criminal and administrative violations of the individual being checked. I will add on my own — also not to violate the law, with such a check.

There are not so many legal sources for checking violations by Russians. First of all, these are the data of courts of general jurisdiction contained in the services of the State Antimonopoly Service Justice (https://bsr.sudrf.ru/bigs/portal.html) and SudAct (https://sudact.ru/). We go down one level and find separate portals of decisions of world courts in Moscow (https://mos-sud.ru/search) and St. Petersburg (https://mirsud.spb.ru/). All these portals have the main trouble — the difficulty of identifying participants in court proceedings, which can be recorded by full name, as well as by last name and initials. This problem is solved only by narrowing the search for a specific city, court or article.

In addition, some administrative violations are available on the websites of the traffic police (https://xn--90adear.xn--p1ai/check/fines) and the FSSP (https://fssp.gov.ru/iss/ip/). Most often, these are traffic violations. To make a request on the traffic police website, you will need a license plate number of the car and STS. Everything is simpler with the FSSP — full name and date of birth.

Finally, dorking (using advanced search operators) for searching through Yandex and Google. Dorking can allow you to search for facts of violations both on a specific site, such as SudAct, and on the entire Internet. Good luck!

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