Interesting news from the UK

Interesting news from the UK: the government has started scanning (https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/british-govt-is-scanning-all-internet-devices-hosted-in-uk/#comments ) all devices hosted in the country for vulnerabilities. The stated purpose of the program is to assess how systems are protected from attacks and notify owners of security breaches. The scanners are configured for the most common and critical vulnerabilities, collect HTTP responses, including headers, and in general all information on connecting to services and web servers.

Any personal information they inadvertently collected will allegedly be deleted, and companies can send a list of IP addresses to exclude from the scan. «We are not looking for vulnerabilities in a country with malicious purposes,» the government confides. Well, where else could such news come from, if not from Britain. Soon in all organizations of the country: «Hey, buddy, do you have a license for this vulnerability?»

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