Krebs has exciting adventures

Krebs has exciting adventures (https://krebsonsecurity.com/2022/12/judge-orders-u-s-lawyer-in-russian-botnet-case-to-pay-google /) two Russians suing Google over the Glupteba botnet. They denied criminal activity, but froze from the court order to ban it. They were ready to make a deal and dismantle the botnet, but when it was necessary to prove it, it turned out that they allegedly had no access for almost a year. And the lawyer knew about it and lied in court.

Then our scoundrels tried to negotiate privately with Google: bitcoin botnet addresses (which they do not have, but if you agree, they will), a promise not to be naughty anymore (without acknowledging previous pranks) and a small bonus. One million dollars each and $110 thousand for the lawyer’s expenses. Google did not appreciate the extortion and informed the court. The judge also did not appreciate it, closed the case in favor of Google and ordered the lawyer to pay the company’s legal costs together with the defendants. Because I’m fucked up. An amazing story, a ready-made script for a comedy from the 90s with Jim Carrey: Liar, sn

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