Interesting news from Israel.

Interesting news from Israel. Not so long ago, they made (https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/scalper-bots-out-of-control-in-israel-selling-state-appointments/) a bot for making an appointment at various state institutions. And the attackers modified it, booked all the seats and resell them now at a solid price. Initially, the bot was free, and now more than a hundred bucks for a place to change a passport and half a dozen other departments. And there is no simple solution, since it would be necessary to demolish the online service for recording, thereby creating even more problems. They tried to solve the issue of captchas, but the bot was trained to bypass it. Such an interesting example of speculation on electronic queues. The format has changed, the methods have remained the same. More effective were the only things, thanks to the technical progress.

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