Resources for Verifying Business Entities in China

Today we will talk about resources for checking business entities in China. Of course, there are organizations that provide professional services for such inspections. Among them: ASIA VERIFY, CHINA CHECKUP, ASIA EXPLORER CONSULTANCY LIMITED, CORPORATION CHINA, QLARIUM/TIIDAN. However, their services can be expensive. And, with the beginning of the SVO, it is not always possible to pay for them.

State registries (tax, credit):

(http://www.gsxt.gov.cn/index.html) Facts of violations in the activities of companies:

(http://zxgk.court.gov.cn/) Legal information:
▫️ (http://zxgk.court.gov.cn/)wenshu
(https://wenshu.court.gov.cn/)▫️ (http://zxgk.court.gov.cn/)splcgk
(https://splcgk.court.gov.cn/gzfwww/)▫️ (http://zxgk.court.gov.cn/)tingshen
(http://tingshen.court.gov.cn/)▫️ (http://zxgk.court.gov.cn/)openlaw

(http://www.openlaw.cn/)Consumer Dispute Details:

(http://www.12315.cn/) Information on enforcement proceedings:

(http://zxgk.court.gov.cn/) Bankruptcy details:

(https://pccz.court.gov.cn/pcajxxw/index/xxwsy) Government procurement and tender search: ccgp

(http://www.bidcenter.com.cn/) Financial statements and announcements:

(http://www.cninfo.com.cn/new/index) Private business data registries:

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