Sometimes information security problems run very deep.

Sometimes information security problems run very deep. More precisely, on the seabed: in the south of France, three fiber-optic cables were damaged at night. The repair was delayed due to an investigation. At the same time, an optical fiber in the north of Scotland was damaged, and the Shetland Islands, with their 23k inhabitants, were left without communication with the outside world. There are serious communication problems on the archipelago itself: banks do not work, they do not accept cards, mobile and broadband communications are junk.

A cable break in France, on the other hand, led to problems in the operation of applications, especially overseas ones, packet loss and an increase in the response time of sites. If submarine cables continue to fail quite randomly in our troubled days, we risk finding more serious downtime in the economy than covid. In general, if colleagues across the ocean one day do not come for a regular phone call, the dog may be buried in the same place as the cut fiber optic

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